How to customize 404 Page

You can customize the 404 Page as you like. Follow Theme Options > General Settings. Here click 404 Page, and the 404-page fields will appear.

Custom 404 Style: Switch on to add custom 404 page style.

Page Title: Set Custom Page Title.

Page Sub-Title: Set Custom Page Sub-Title.

Button Before Text: Set Custom Button Before Text.

Button Text: Set Custom Button Text.

Background: Set Custom page background.

Background Overlay: Enable to add overlay in the background.

Overlay Color: Set overlay color.

Overlay Opacity: Set overlay opacity.

Title Color: Set Custom Title Color.

Sub-Title Color: Set Custom Sub-Title Color.

Before Button Text Color: Set Before Button Text Color.

Before Button Color: Set Before Button Color.

Before Button Hover Color: Set Before Button Hover Color.

Click Save Changes to save theme options. Click Reset Section to reset only this section. Click Reset All to reset all theme options.