How to manage Pages

In this post, we will learn how to manage Pages. Follow Pages > All Pages and you will be redirected to the page list page. Here you can see all the pages and filter them by status, search page, and manage page, and also can create new pages.

To create a new page click Add Page button or follow Pages > Add New Page and you will be redirected to add another page. Here you can create new pages, or make drafts to edit later and also can schedule a date to publish this page. And also set visibility like public, password, and private. If you select the password you can add a password and then in the frontend, the user must type the password to read the page content. if you select private then users can only see this page if the link is provided to them.

And if you want to edit a page click the Edit link from the page list action column three dot. You can also trash or delete a page. After you click Edit, you will be redirected to edit page, where you can edit the page.